426 – A meme forged from Star Atlas team.
           Historically quoting 4-6 weeks as a time frame for releases.
AU – Atlas Units (1 square of movement on the Sage/Scream map)
COPA – Council Of Peace
CSS – Central Space Station (where your hangers are)
DAC – Distributed Autonomous Company
DAO – Decentralized Autonomouse Organization
GAO – Galactic Asset Offering
UE5 – Unreal Engine (The real game platform)
FR – Foundation Room (A private Discord channel where you can talk to dev’s)
HRZ – High Risk Zone
IYKYK – If You Know You Know
LRZ – Low Risk Zone
LP – Loyalty Points
MMO – Massive Multiplayer Online games = Star Atlas
MRZ – Medium Risk Zone
MVP – Minimum Viable Product
NPC – Non Playable Character
PM – Prosperity Marks
PvE – Player vs Environment
PVP – Polis Voting Power
PvP – Player vs Player
R4 – The four resources needed to power a ship.
         (Food, Ammo, Fuel, Spare Parts, ie Tools)
R20 – Minable Resources
SA – Star Atlas
SB – Star Base
SDU – Survey Data Unit (Needed to craft Golden Tickets)
SCREAM – Ship Combat Resource Extraction And Manufacturing
SFT – Semi Fungible Token
TGE – Token Generation Event (When a token goes on sale for fist time)
VC – Venture Capital
Web3 – The latest iteration of the world wide web which hosts decentralized apps that run on blockchain technology empowering user privacy and ownership of data
WebGL – Web Graphics Library  This is a JavaScript API for rendering high-performance interactive 3D and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser.