Star Atlas Metaverse Game

There are numerous third party websites which offer Polis & Atlas staking however I will only be pursuing staking operations within the Star Atlas ecosystem as third party sites security cannot be controlled.


Polis Staking will be a function of the DAO.
It must be noted that the primary purpose of staking polis is to obtain political voting rights, though staking also earns a yield this is not the primary use hence yields are rather low. 
It must also be noted that incredible effort has been undertaken to ensure the DAO is economically sustainable and secure for many many many years to come. 

The Polis DAO voting rights are split into 3 levels
The longer your lock period the more voting-weight your polis has

Star Atlas DAO
Top level governance regulates the overall well-being of the game.
The team will maintain a majority hold for the first 8 years of the game then it will be completely player driven.

Factional DAO
Vote on governance aspects relative to your faction only

Regional DAO
If you are a land owner as well as a Polis holder you will be able to vote on region-wide governance aspects

Lockup Terms as Follows:
Unfortunately actual returns are impossible to quote as they are based on how long you stake, how much you stake and how many stakers are already in that pool. APR is constantly changing

Star Atlas Metaverse Game


Atlas Staking is a function which will be implemented soon, yields are not known….

Star Atlas Metaverse Game