This is an experimental concept only.
Feel free to download and give it a try, I welcome all feedback, let me know what you think.

If you would rather not download a .ZIP file which could contain nasties, below are direct file downloads of all contents.

Star Atlas Board Game


The objective is to setup mining claims on planets, protect them with fighters and either sell the resources mined with a freighter or if you have a claim on 3 colour coded planets you can craft/build a ship of that type on every lap of board with resources collected.

We start of with  10k Atlas each
Before game starts each player buys ships & equipment for their fleet.

Fighters: 1k
Freighters: 1k
Repair/Rescue Ships: 1k
Data Runners: 1k
Racers: 500
Mining Claim Stakes: 100

Additional purchases can then only be made at CSS on a lap of the board.

2. Roll dice and move entire fleet.
When landing on a planet, if un-claimed you can:

 – Put down a claim stake to start mining.  (Get Claim Stake Card for that planet)
 – Add a fighter/fighters from your fleet for protection
– If you want to sell the resources add a Freighter/Freighters

If planet is claimed by someone else:
 – Do nothing
 – Attack with your Fighters.
    1 fighter can take a claim stake then you become the owner.  (claim stake card transferred to winner)
    2 fighters needed to kill a defending  ship. If two defending Fighters, then 3  attacking Fighters needed and so on.
You simply need more fighters than ships to overthrow the claim stake

Planet X has: 1 Claim Stake, 2 Freighters, 2 Fighters
You will need to attack with 5 fighters.
All defeated ships are destroyed and claim stake ownership moves to winner.
Attacking fighters must remain on the planet until you land on that planet again (Fleet carries repair resources & fuel)

3. When you complete a lap of the board and pass CSS you receive payments:
 Claim Stake Card Holder: +100
 Freighter: +300
 Owning 3 mining claims of a colour  coded resource lets you craft the ship specified when passing the CSS instead of collecting Atlas for each ship.
Ships on planets can not be moved until you land on that planet again.

4. Opposite corner of CSS is where all ships in fleet & on planets must be refueled, this occurs when you PASS this square.