3D Printed X6 with internal lighting cavities, plus a
Custom Designed micro processor based WiFi controller in a 3D printed housing.

This is a custom designed version of the X6 model with extra internal channeling for lighting purposes providing 40+ individual lighting points.
The model is mounted on top of a USB powered controller providing 4 push button functions

Cockpit Lighting
Lights internal cockpit plus 20+ other lights around the ship, also activates flashing lights on top of model.

Belly Lights
Two low sitting lights underneath ship.

6 Thrusters at rear

Activates a fire sequence of 5 pulses from the front cannons.

Illuminated Star Atlas X6 - 3D Printed with Lighting
Illuminated Star Atlas X6 - 3D Printed with Lighting


All functions can be replicated via a device connected to your WiFi network.
The unit is capable of connecting to your own WiFi network and the you then interact with it via its IP.


On power up unit generates its own hot spot called X6 CONTROLLER which you will see in your list of available networks.

Connect to this and browse to the configuration portal at
Here you enter your own WiFi network details, select SSID & enter password then SAVE

The unit will now connect to your WiFi network and display the connection IP on the controller display.
Simply browse to this url…

Light Up X6 Lighting Controller
Light Up X6 Lighting Controller WiFi Panel

Unit has been tested with several WiFi networks with excellent results
however teething bugs may be present as this is a custom written a microprocessor application.