The Star Atlas ENERGY GUN.
Main Body Prints at 210mm long x 170mm high
Slide Unit (Charge module) prints at: 160mm x 85mm high

As this has moving parts it is recommended to print in PLA as resin would chip.
Also recommended to use 50%-100% infill as housing is screwed together.


  • Gun Body Left
  • Gun Body Right
  • Trigger
  • Charge Unit Left
  • Charge Unit Right
  • Laser Sight Module Base
  • Laser Sight Module Lid
  • Laser Sight Laser Mount swivel

Internal Electronics available here


STAR ATLAS : Powered by the People

This 3D print is inspired by Star Atlas. STAR ATLAS and STAR ATLAS:POWERED BY THE PEOPLE areĀ  trademarks or registered trademarks of ATMTA, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. This 3D print is manufactured and supplied by Enigma-42 in Australia. For any queries, please contact Enigma-42, Staratlassian, and this website are not associated with or sponsored by ATMTA, Inc. or Star Atlas.

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